The 24h of Innovation concept

The 24h of Innovation


Created by the Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées(ESTIA) in France in 2007,

"Les 24h de l'innovation®" is an event based on creativity and innovation in 24 hours.

The main idea is to create a synergy to give the different participants in the teams an extraordinary experience.


The teams, made up ofstudents from different schools and universities in France and abroad, as well as professionals, employees, freelancers, consultants and artists, are free to form on the day and have 24 hours to work on the real subject of their choice.

The aim is to develop, as a team, creative and innovative concepts, products and services (software, artistic creations, communication and marketing campaigns, new organisations, etc.) based on themes and subjects proposed by companies, laboratories and designers, which are unveiled at the opening ceremony.

A multi-disciplinary team of coaches will be on hand throughout the 24 hours to support the participants; a fablab will be available as well as software resources to help them move quickly from idea to prototype.


The following day, the teams must present their results in the form of a 3-minute pitch to a panel of judges.

The best teams are awarded prizes following the jury's deliberations on the same day.

The organiser

ESTIA Institute of Technology

Located in the Basque Country in south-west France, ESTIA is an engineering schoolrun by the Bayonne Pays Basque Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Over the past 20 years, it has become a genuine campus with an innovation ecosystem where over 1,000 students and more than 100 professors and engineers work together and are committed to designing Industry 4.0.


The ESTIA campus brings together :


ESTIA trains trilingual engineers (French, English and Spanish) who are generalists and multi-skilled, mastering IT and telecommunication networks, mechanics, energy and electronics and many other fields.

ESTIA has long been involved in the analysis of innovation processes, and has made this a real area of research, exploring in particular the hybridisation of innovation methods.

The "Creativity and Responsible Innovation" Chair coordinates these research topics, while the 24h of Innovation is a concrete application applied to teaching, which aims to reveal talent and enable companies toenrich their innovation process.