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Season 13 : March 15th & 16th, 2018 at the exposition center of FICOBA (Irun,Spain)

1st crossboarder edition of the "24h of innovation" - Topic : "Advanced Manufacturing" 


Creativity and innovation

Created by the institute of technology ESTIA in 2007, "the 24h of innovation®" is an event based on creativity and innovation in 24 hours. The main objective is to experience comething extraordinaryto create synergies between the different participants : company, students, teachers, consultants, researchers, institutions, ...

Mixed teams

The teams are freely composed of a mix of any students coming from different schools and university in France and abroad as well as professionals, consultants, freelancers, employees... and artists. They have 24 hours to work on the subject they chose.


Products and services

The main objective is to create new creative and innovative concepts, products and services (software, artistic creation, communication and marketing campaign, new organization...) based upon themes and subjects proposed by companies, laboratories and creators that are kept secret until the opening ceremony.


"The 24h of innovation" is a registered trademark by the institute of technology ESTIA.
If you want to organize a 24h of innovation within your company or cluster, please fill in the contact form.



The corporate editions

Design Summer Camp
Design Summer Camp
Au centre de la terre
(Pôle de compétitivité AVENIA)
Spécial BTP (Cluster Bateko)
24h Hutchinson
(@ 507 Fab House)
24h de l'innovation sociale
24h de l'innovation sociale
24h Innoveum (Narbonne)
Innoveum - Grand Narbonne
24h Aérocentre (Tours)
Aérocentre - Tours
24h Euskatel (Bilbao)
24h Euskaltel


If you want to organize a 24h of innovation in your own country, please feel free to contact us in order to prepare the development of this event.


The 24h in the world


Canada (Montréal)
Pays Basque (Bilbao)
Inde (Pune)
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso
Ile de la Réunion
Ile de la Réunion
Maroc (Casablanca)
Catalogne (Barcelone)
Espagne (Guadalajara)