The 24h of Innovation

Season 9 : december 11 & 12, 2015

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The 24h concept

  • Creativity and innovation

    Creativity and innovation

    Created by the institute of technology ESTIA in 2007, "the 24h of innovation®" is an event based on creativity and innovation in 24 hours.

  • Mixed teams

    Mixed teams

    The team are freely composed of a mix of any volunteers (students, researchers, teachers, consultants, freelancers, employees...) coming from different countries and background. They have 24 hours to work on the subject they choose.

  • Products and services

    Products and services

    The main objective is to create new creative and innovative concepts, products and services (software, artistic creation, communication and marketing campaign, new organization...) based upon themes and subjects proposed by companies, laboratories and creators that are kept secret until the opening ceremony on friday at 2pm.

11th & 12th December 2015


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